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Jolly Rogers Diner and Bar

Jolly Rogers Diner and Bar is a local Restaurant in Oakland CA. Conveniently located right next door to Days Hotel near the Oakland Coliseum. We serve delicious food and drinks 7 days a week almost everyday of the year. Come by and enjoy our breakfast burrito or get a bite after the Raiders game; you won’t be disappointed!

“Finally! A delicious place to eat near the coliseum that isn’t fast food. We were on a layover at the Days Hotel and walked into Jolly Rogers which is adjacent to the lobby.

My wife had the cheeseburger which I tried a bite of and was delicious! Huge meaty patty that was cooked perfectly! I asked for a Turkey sandwich but after talking to one of the new managers, my turkey sandwich became a jalapeño turkey melt with pesto mayo and all the fixins! YUMMMMM.

I cannot wait to revisit Jolly Rogers… because the little taste of food and service we received was top notch! And based on the prime location, we will be among thousands of other visitors!”

– A Happy Customer
jolly roger diner
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